How can I do it?

Students who have passed the Advanced Level examination in any stream can choose to join this external degree programme. Lateral entry enables students who have other approved qualifications to take a selected number of courses to obtain the degree. Students can benefit from the teaching offered at approved partner organizations. In this learning setting, a student studies at a partner organization, while the assessments, examinations and award of diplomas, higher diplomas and degrees are conducted and conferred by the University of Moratuwa.

UoM offers its BIT courses in a fully-fledged online system, and therefore, students can study in the comfort of their own home, in addition to studying at the approved partner organizations. The online system makes available course material for the students to follow, and portals to submit assessments and receive feedback. This has opened a unique learner-centred education paradigm, where what matter is the enthusiasm and scholarship of the student.

UoM BIT degree programme in offered in two modes. Mode 1 is study with a partner organization. Mode 1 students are required to study through a university approved partner organization. University evaluates their partners to ensure that the learning environment provided by the partner institution is in accordance with the quality standards defined by the university. Today we are very happy to have our partners reaching all corners of the country enabling students from all parts of Sri Lanka to seek study opportunities near their home. Mode 2 is the direct independent study mode. University will admit a limited number of government officers and students who have prior learning experience at tertiary education level, who are considered to have aptitude to study on their own. These students will be allowed to register with the university and study on their own using the e-learning materials and other open and distance learning resources facilitated by the CODL. Further, those who have HNDIT qualification have the provisions of lateral entry to the BIT external degree programme of the University of Moratuwa. They are exempted 16 modules from year 1 and year 2.

Upon completing the first year of the programme, the students will be given a diploma in IT, while the completion of the second year would lead to a higher diploma in IT. The third-year students will receive their BIT degree once they complete the third year of study.

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